Fiberglass won the attention of manufacturers of windows due to its special performance properties. These include durability, resistance to sudden temperature changes ranging from -70 to 170 degrees, resistance to the impact of aggressive media, high strength and low heat capacity. One of the main properties of fiberglass is the fact that the linear expansion of glass and fiberglass are almost the same. This allows you to avoid the occurrence of strain in the window unit with sudden temperature changes.

The use of fiberglass is advantageous because it requires minimal energy consumption. Profile structures made of fiberglass became widespread in the manufacture of window and door systems. Fiberglass windows are characterized by high strength and rigidity, which eliminates the reinforcement process. As a result, the process of production is simplified. The only drawback of fiberglass is the manufacture of windows only with rectilinear form.

Fiberglass windows can be produced with both conventional and energy-saving double-glazed windows. Attractive windows can be made from this material. The range is expanded due to the possibility of manufacturing designs of various colors. In addition, with time profile can be painted in a different color.

Despite the fact that the fiberglass window can only be of one shape, it is possible to choose the right shade, which opens up huge opportunities in the design of the exterior of the house. With such windows, every residential house located in Chadds Ford will be bright and attractive. And most importantly, such a house will be warm and cozy for the whole family.

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