Windows are one of the components that provide heat in the room. There comes a point when it is time to change old windows for new ones. The main signs that it’s time for window replacement:

  • mold and fungus - this is one of the main markers indicating the need to replace windows. This becomes especially evident on the wooden windows;
  • windows covered with condensation - if it regularly occurs on the inside and outside of the glass, this indicates that they could no longer cope with their basic functions;
  • leak proof characteristics are lost - when even sealed shutters with sealants in the places of their junction with the frame still let air, dust, and moisture pass from the street;
  • unsatisfactory aesthetic condition;
  • incorrect functioning of fittings.

Window replacement is quite expensive, so it’s obvious that we would like to understand at least how the window price is calculated.

The cost of windows is calculated taking into account the following characteristics:

  • number of shutters (one, two, three);
  • the number of opening shutters;
  • type of the window (for example, swivel, tilt and turn);
  • width and height.

Also, when calculating the cost, the material from which the window will be made is taken into account. Today, manufacturers offer reinforced-plastic, plastic, wood and fiberglass windows. Each of the presented options has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the most profitable option is a window made of fiberglass.

The installation of such window will ensure the preservation of heat in the room and will protect from extraneous sounds from the street. Also, the window from fiberglass does not rot, corrode and burn.

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