PVC siding is used for facing small buildings, country houses, and cottages in Chadds Ford. It is much lighter than metal, more convenient to install and use, its price is much more attractive than the price of other siding materials.

Standard PVC siding is a panel with a length of 300-400 cm, a width of 20-25 cm and a thickness of about 1 mm. It became popular due to its functionality and appearance. It can imitate the texture of natural wooden board while being more reliable and cheaper material.

Installing PVC siding does not require much effort and after the detailed study of this issue, the siding installation can be performed on your own.

The advantages of PVC siding include:

  • easy and simple installation;
  • affordable price;
  • attractive appearance.

Another type of siding is wood siding. This type of facing will be quite expensive. Wood is an expensive, natural material, respectively, for its installation will require serious financial investments. But each strip provides 100% leak proof of protection, protects the walls from rain, severe frosts, and allows creating a luxurious, bright design. Necessary care for such siding is putty and staining.

There are several options of wooden siding:

  • imitation log siding resembles a usual wooden timber; it is notable for its accuracy and color saturation, smoothness, and pleasant texture;
  • blockhouse allows you to create the illusion of a wooden hut;
  • ship's board has a special relief, looks good from a distance, there is an illusion of three-dimensional walls;
  • wood-pulp siding is considered to be the most practical option, its cost is low, does not need to be painted and varnished.

Applying a wooden siding, it is required to carry out replacement of the damaged sites from time to time. Wood siding is made from wood fibers. The advantages of this type of siding are the protection of the facade of the house from wind and precipitation, resistance to heat exposure of both high and low temperatures, excellent sound insulation properties, low weight, siding installation at any time of the year, simple repair.

Choosing the appropriate type of siding, you should pay attention to the material from which it is made, functional features, durability, strength, color options and, of course, the price.

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