The metal roofing is quite popular, and today it is very common in residential buildings and cottages in Chadds Ford.

Its popularity is due to numerous advantages:

  • the metal roofing can be installed on top of the existing roof, therefore it is not necessary to tear off the old tile;
  • a huge number of options, among which you can choose the most suitable - zinc, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel with a polymer coating;
  • durability and wear resistance, the service life of the metal roof is from 40 to 70 years, the deadline completely depends on the material and its quality;
  • safety - metal roofing is not combustible material and it will not ignite in case of a lightning.

Despite numerous advantages, there are also disadvantages - the price is not the lowest, but its long service life fully pays for all invested funds. Expansion and contraction - metal, as a rule, has the ability to expand and contract. If the metal tile is installed incorrectly, the sheets may deform over time. In case of damage of the coating, the corrosion of the metal will develop.

One of the types of metal roofing is a copper roof. Copper is a reliable and durable material from which a pitched roof has been made from ancient times. The copper roof is durable due to the characteristics of the non-ferrous metal itself, which tends to oxidize over time and be covered with a protective layer of a non-toxic patina of noble green color. Its service life is more than 100 years, of which about 20 it is in the process of patination.

There are different types of copper roofs: folded, tiled, diamond. The purchase of materials for the copper roof is better to entrust to the company, which in the future will carry out its installation. A specialist will immediately estimate the shortcomings of the proposed copper sheets, plates or tiles and prevent mistakes in the purchase.

The advantages of copper roofing are:

  • service life with proper installation - up to 200 years;
  • high corrosion resistance;
  • lightweights and flexibility;
  • thermal resistance, operational characteristics of the roofing are maintained at temperatures from -70 to +150 degrees;
  • easy maintenance;
  • safety for the environment and human health;
  • universal application due to the absence of the need to strengthen the rafter system.

Roofing replacement is a rather complicated process that must be carried out by highly qualified contractors. We are the best metal roofing installation contractor in 19317 Chadds Ford, PA. Call us today and as soon as possible your house will receive a modern, high-quality and durable roof.