The market of modern building materials offers a huge range of roofing materials for any home in Chadds Ford.

Manufacturers offer a choice:

  • metal tile;
  • profiled sheeting;
  • copper roofing;
  • composite tile;
  • asphalt shingle.

Even at the stage when estimates and the project of the house are made, it is worth thinking about the choice of roofing material. The exterior of the house and internal comfort depend on it. If the house has already been built, then it is necessary to select materials for the roofing. In case of improper selection of the roofing, sheathing and rafters may not withstand the load, and as a result, the integrity of the roof will be broken.

To avoid this, the roofing replacement and its repair should be carried out by a company specializing in this field. It is also recommended to entrust to specialists all calculations regarding the amount of necessary material. The price of the roof is calculated per square meter. Despite this, only the manager will be able to tell the exact cost of the entire roofing after reviewing the condition of the roof or after all the calculations have been made when designing the house.

The roofing should be not only beautiful but also strong, durable and unpretentious in care. Therefore, it is worth getting acquainted with the advantages of roofing materials:

  • metal tiles are quick and easy to attach, such material withstand shocks and loads, low weight, transportation, and loading do not require careful handling, the price is not very high;
  • profiled sheeting is easy to install, when bending the strength of the material is very high, long service life, reasonable cost;
  • onduline features excellent water resistance, hygienic and environmental friendliness, it can withstand loads up to 960 kg per square meter, it is lightweight, easy in transportation and cutting, absolute noiselessness, budget price;
  • slate - high durability at bending and strength impact, ease of processing, low price, inability to burn;
  • steel folded roofing - the inability of the roof to burn, a pleasant exterior, high flexibility, low weight (from 4 to 5 kg) does not require reinforced rafters, resistance to sub-zero temperatures;
  • a folded roof of copper and aluminum requires cleaning every six months, non-combustibility, safety and environmental friendliness, corrosion, and acid rain will not spoil the roof, a magnificent look;
  • flexible shingles - noiseless, the ability to hold snow, beautiful design, no corrosion and condensation, flexibility.

We are ready to offer you a different type of roofing for each house. Our managers will be happy to help you with the choice, perform all the calculations and provide the final estimate. We are the best roofing installer in 19317 Chadds Ford, Delaware County, Pennsylvania .